Exempt Me Angele

Date To Be Announced
Executive On The Go Offices
Northridge, CA

If you have ever wondered about how you were going to give back to the world, then you must
read on. Do you know your true purpose? Do you know how to make your philanthropic dreams
come true? If you are not clear about how to complete the process to creating your own nonprofit
and getting it tax exempt than this “Exemptional” weekend event will get your feet on the ground and
get you running towards donations, grants and fulfilling your life’s purpose. Maybe you already know
what you want to do, but never really understood the steps of how to do it.

At AnGèle’s Exemptional Weekend, she will show you step by step how to create, exempt and
receive money in your nonprofit. Are you already incorporated? AnGèle’s one day workshop will
help you complete the process of legitimizing your organization with all of the necessary agencies.
AnGèle show you exactly what you need to do to formalize your entity. From simple techniques to
positioning yourself as viable, even to the marketing of your organization, selection of your board,
projections of your budget, rules and regulations of your exemption, you will learn additional ways to
expand your organization so that you can impact the world in a greater way.

You might already be clear about your mission but the work is consuming your life but AnGèle will teach
you how to leverage sponsors, secure volunteers and be ready to receive money. No matter the current
state of your business, or where you are in life, AnGèle’s Exemptional Weekend will teach you how to
transform your organization. In this one day AnGèle not only teaches you the techniques but walks you
through the steps to completion that will dramatically accelerate your exemption time. AnGèle’s
Exemptional Weekend can help ANYONE with a purpose and a dream.



AnGèle is a woman with many dynamics. First and foremost, AnGèle is a family woman. She is married
to the love of her life and has a wonderful son whom she adores and just like you AnGèle does her best
for her family. She has made it her life’s work to develop this “EXEMPTIONAL System” in a one day
power packed seminar. With over a decade of trial and error, AnGèle has put together a process that
anyone can follow no matter what their organization purpose or mission. AnGèle would love to pass on
saving you the bumps, bruises, headaches and rejections in getting your organization tax exempt.

Through this system you will be able to focus on your purpose and not waste time on the complicated
process. AnGèle Cade is living out her passion as a platform speaker and mentor helping others. She
has been booked at mega events with thousands of attendees, she even opened for Chris Gardner and
Les Brown. AnGèle has networked with some of the world’s most influential people including President
Bill Clinton. AnGèle is living her passion and she wants to help you live yours.